Your Absolute Guides to Installing Oracle 12c Database Software, Cloning and Upgrading


Your Absolute Guide to Installing Oracle 12c Database Software, Cloning and Upgrading

Oracle 12c Software

Oracle 12c has introduced the new Multitenant Architecture which aims at solving the many problems associated with these large infrastructure deployments. Read these articles to become proficient on Managing this new Architecture.

Oracle 12c Database Installation On Solaris 11 Using VirtualBox
Quick install instructions for Oracle 12c database on Solaris 11. Check how you can install latest version of Oracle database on Oracle Solaris 11 running on Virtualbox.

Oracle 12c RAC: Installation on Oracle Linux 6 using VirtualBox
A quick guide of Oracle 12c RAC Installation on your laptop running Windows. A step by step guide to configure Oracle 12c Grid and the database Software.

Oracle 12c Silent Mode Binary Install and De-install
Installation of the Oracle Binaries is a pretty simple task for the DBA’s. However the process may become exhaustive if you are repeatedly performing these installs on a number of servers.

Cloning Oracle 12c Home Binaries
Almost every backup and recovery concern is focused on protecting the data stored inside database and rightly so. But during the course of a DBA career, restoring the Oracle Home or duplicating is sometimes is necessary. Learn how to clone the binary home.

Oracle 12c Database : Upgrading to Oracle Database 12c
A Quick Guide to upgrading to Oracle Database 12c. See how you can upgrade a database running in (or lower) to the newest 12c database.

Oracle Pre-Upgrade Check – DMSYS schema exists in the Database
Prior to upgrading my database to, on running the utlu112i.sql all my checks passed except for the “DMSYS schema exists in the Database” message. See how to drop DMSYS schema.

Oracle 12c Database: Managing PDBs using Database Configuration Assistant
In 12c, the database configuration assistant can also be used to manage the PDB’s alongside the CDB and non-CDB databases. In this article we will look at managing the PDBs, using the database configuration assistant.