50 Oracle GoldenGate Interview Questions and Answers

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Learn GoldenGate – The Index

Simple Replication

GoldenGate Replication Pre-requisites
GoldenGate Manager
GoldenGate Classical Extract
GoldenGate Pump
GoldenGate Replicat
Uni-directional Replication Summary

Advanced Replication

Configure GoldenGate DDL Replication
GoldenGate Integrated Extract 12c


Upgrade Classic Extract to Integrated Capture
Goldengate upgrade to


GoldenGate: Skipping Transactions
GoldenGate: Finding Open Database Transactions
GoldenGate: How to use handle Collisions correctly?


GoldenGate: GGSCI Commands I
GoldenGate: GGSCI Commands II
GoldenGate: GGSCI Commands III


Goldengate 12c: Troubleshoot Using LogDump

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