Oracle Presentations and Videos

Here is a list of my recent presentations in Oracle 12c and GoldenGate.
We are speaking at COLLABORATE14-IOUG

IOUG COLLABORATE 14 -Learn What it Takes to Manage Oracle 12c Database in the Cloud By Natik Ameen

Learn how you can use Oracle 12c Multitenant Database? How will it help you ease in management of your database and reduce complexity and cost the to manage you databases.

Get a jump start on how to manage Oracle Container and Plugin databases. Learn how to connect to CDB’s and PDBS’s, shutdown and restart them and Plug-in and Un-plug them from the container. See how easy it is to create the databases, set parameters and much more.

Now what? Ready to upgrade? Get acquainted with the different methods that are available and the ease with which you can move your database to the latest release and start using the most powerful database for the Cloud.

IOUG COLLABORATE 14 – 12 Days of 12c – List of Oracle 12c Sessions and Presenters

Capacity Planning: How to Leverage OEM12c for Engineered Systems
Maaz Anjum, BIAS Corporation

DB12c: Your Database Flexing with Flex Cluster and Flex ASMs
Maaz Anjum, BIAS Corporation

New 12c Database Features For Developers
Chris Ostrowski, Avout

Oracle Database 12c and RMAN: New Features and What to Expect
Bobby Curtis, Enkitec

Use Cloud Control 12c Corrective Action to be Proactive
Javier Ruiz, Database Administration Services

Oracle12c New Features for DBA’s
Dan Hotka,

How Hot Is My Data? Leveraging Automatic Database Optimization (ADO) Features in Oracle 12c Database For Dramatic Performance Improvements
James Czuprynski, Zero Defect Computing, Inc.

Blink and You’ll Miss It: Migrating, Cloning and Recovering Oracle 12c Databases At Warp Speed
James Czuprynski, Zero Defect Computing, Inc.

Something Old, Something New: Leveraging Oracle 12c’s Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) Features for Improved Database Performance
James Czuprynski, Zero Defect Computing, Inc.

12c Multi-Tenancy and Exadata IORM: An Ideal Cloud Based Resource Management
Fahd Chughtai, Pythian

Wresting Control of your Oracle data with Heat Map and ILM in Oracle DB 12c
John Kanagaraj, PayPal Inc

Delivering Self-Service Cloud Application Services Based using Enterprise Manager 12c
Kai Yu, Dell Inc.

Ensure HA in Database Cloud with Oracle Database 12c: What to Do and How to Do it
Kai Yu, Dell Inc.

Mastering Enterprise Manager 12c
Kellyn Pot’Vin, Enkitec

Extreme Availability: Your Very Last System Shut Down Using Oracle 12c Features
Tim Quinlan, Scotiabank

RMAN in 12c : The Next Generations
Gustavo Antunez, The Pythian Group

Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c – Top 10 Features for DBAs
Leighton Nelson, Mercy

Database Provisioning in OEM12c: Provision Me a Database Now!
Maaz Anjum, BIAS Corporation

Oracle 12c Dataguard: Far Sync, Real-Time Cascade Standby and Other Goodies
Ludovico Caldara, Trivadis SA

Edition Based Redefinition in 12c
John King, King Training Resources

RAC Attack 101 – How to Install 12c RAC on your Laptop
Yury Velikanov, Pythian

Oracle 12c Multitenancy and OS-Level Virtualization Compared and Contrasted: A Balanced View
Jeff Browning, EMC Corporation

X-UR-DATA! Oracle 12c Data Redaction and Other Advanced Security Features
Daniel Young, Indiana University

The Best Oracle Database 12c New Features
Rich Niemiec, ROLTA

The Best Oracle Database 12c Tuning Features
Rich Niemiec, ROLTA

Tuning Oracle Using 12c Cloud Control
Rich Niemiec, ROLTA

Various Options for Migrating Pre-12c Database to 12c
Anuj Mohan, DbaDIRECT Inc.

RMAN Enhancements in Oracle DB 12c
David Aihe, SAIC

Learn What it Takes to Manage the Oracle 12c Database in the Cloud
Natik Ameen, VitalSoftTech

Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c: Design, Install, Configure and Manage
Tom Reddy, Database Administration, Inc.

GoldenGate 12c: Performance and Manageability Capabilities
Mei Zheng, U.S. Cellular

UTOUG13 – Managing Oracle GoldenGate by Natik Ameen

IOUG COLLABORATE 09-RAC 10g Best Practices and Tuning by Natik Ameen

Oracle Enterprise Manager at Collaborate 14