Speaking at COLLABORATE 14 – IOUG on Managing Oracle 12c

COLLABORATE 14 – IOUG Conference starts in a week!
Very excited to be presenting “Learn What It Takes to Manage the Oracle 12c Database in the Cloud” on Thursday April 10, 2014.

Session Details
Session ID : 881
Date : 4/10/2014 9:45 AM
Room : Level 3, Lido 3101B

Learn how you can use Oracle 12c Multitenant Database? How will it help you ease in management of your database and reduce complexity and cost the to manage you databases.

Get a jump start on how to manage Oracle Container and Plugin databases. Learn how to connect to CDB's and PDBS's, shutdown and restart them and Plug-in and Un-plug them from the container. See how easy it is to create the databases, set parameters and much more.

Now what? Ready to upgrade? Get acquainted with the different methods that are available and the ease with which you can move your database to the latest release and start using the most powerful database for the Cloud.

Topics I will be covering
CDB Instance:
• CDB$ROOT Container
• PDB’s

Getting Started:
• Create CDB & PDB using OUI Installer
• Create PDB Database using SQLPLUS

Basic Administration:
• Connecting to a CDB
• Connecting to PDB's
• Starting up a CDB
• Opening and closing PDB’s
• Shutdown a CDB
• Shutdown PDB’s
• Unplug/Plug in PDB’s

• Is my data stored separately in the PDB and really segregated from other customer PDB’s?
• Where is the application users created?
• Where is the database admin users created?
• In the CDB instance with multiple PDB’s, can we control the databases each DBA has access to?

Backup and Recovery:
• Backing up CDB and PDB’s
• What if I want to just backup a specific PDB?
• How do we backup archives generated by the PDB’s?
• Is the Flashback feature still available for use with Multitenant Databases?

• So are our databases ready to be upgraded?
• Is there anything we should be concerned with, after upgrading?
• After upgrading to 12c, how easy is it to apply patches and other upgrades to the PDB’s?

If you haven’t registered yet and are planning on attending register now. For further questions you can contact IOUG below.

Telephone: (312) 245-1579
Email: [email protected]

See you there!