Learn GoldenGate – The Index

Here is an Index to the GoldenGate notes which will help identify the prerequisites required to set up the manager, extract and replicate processes. Also included on this page are articles on how to upgrade the classical extract process to the 12c Integrated extrac. Tips and tricks to troubleshoot problems including tracing, viewing trail data to identify large transactions using logdump and much more are included here.

GoldenGate Extract, Pump, Replicat, GGSCI, Logdump, Troubleshooting Index

Basic Replication

GoldenGate Replication Pre-requisites
GoldenGate Manager
GoldenGate Classical Extract
GoldenGate Pump
GoldenGate Replicat
Uni-directional Replication Summary

Advanced Replication

Configure GoldenGate DDL Replication
GoldenGate Integrated Extract 12c

Best Practices & Securing GoldenGate

Oracle GoldenGate: Best Practices and Security


Upgrade Classic Extract to Integrated Capture
Oracle GoldenGate 11gr2 Upgrade
Goldengate upgrade to


GoldenGate: Skipping Transactions
GoldenGate: Finding Open Database Transactions
GoldenGate: How to use handle Collisions correctly?


GoldenGate: GGSCI Commands I
GoldenGate: GGSCI Commands II
GoldenGate: GGSCI Commands III


Goldengate 12c: Troubleshoot Using LogDump

VirtualBox For GoldenGate

Provision VirtualBox using Pre-Built Developer VMs
Adding Disk Storage to Oracle VirtualBox
Connecting Applications from Desktop to your VirtualBox Database

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