Relinking Oracle Binaries

When should Oracle Grid or RDBMS binaries be relinked?Relinking Grid Home
Disable the crs autostart to avoid it restarting in case the host reboots, shutdown the database and the cluster processes on the individual node.

sudo crsctl disable crs
sqlplus / as sysdba
shutdown immediate;
sudo crsctl stop crs

Unlock the grid home as is required for any maintenance
cd $ORACLE_HOME/crs/install;
sudo /opt/app/oracle/grid11203/crs/install/ -unlock

Relinking the Grid home.
cd /opt/app/oracle/grid11203/bin/

Lock the Grid home after relink
sudo /opt/app/oracle/grid11203/crs/install/ -patch

Check the CRS status

crsctl status crs; ps -ef|grep oracle

Relink Database home

Ensure that no processes are running from the RDBMS home.

cd $ORACLE_HOME/bin; relink all

srvctl start instance -d SDKNAVP -i SDKNAVP4; sudo crsctl enable crs

Verify opatch Checksum on all nodes

After relink of the Grid or Oracle home (after kernel updates) the DBA should verify the Checksum and other details across all the nodes in the cluster. An easy way to verify this across all nodes via a single command is to use the “-all_nodes” switch with the lsinventory query.

opatch lsinventory -all_nodes

– Adding a Node to a RAC Cluster.


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