Why I Use Oracle Restart? And Why You Should Too?

My first introduction with the Oracle Restart was an accidental one. I installed database 11gr2 with Oracle ASM and when I restarted the host, the database and all related services started up. Normally, this will not happen, as in order to startup the database and dependent services automatically, we had to setup shell scripts.

Oracle Grid 11gR2 – IPMI-based Failure Isolation

In 11gr2 Oracle Grid Infrastructure, Oracle has introduced a new mechanism to remove an unresponsive node from the RAC cluster. This mechanism is a Failure isolation process whereby the unresponsive node is sent instructions via an external mechanism, Intelligent Management Platform Interface device (IPMI), by the CRS daemon to reboot the problematic node. This method […]

Rebootless node fencing in Oracle Clusterware 11g Release 2

Prior to 11g R2, when the voting disk became unresponsive or inaccessible, to avoid split brain, the host was rebooted without waiting for the IO processes to complete. This reboot was usually initiated when there was either a communication (network related) failure with the other nodes in the cluster or the overloaded IO on the […]