8 Strategies to Thrive at Oracle OpenWorld


Top 8 Strategies to Thrive at Oracle OpenWorld

Yes! It’s that time of the year again when we start planning for the premier Oracle OpenWorld. So let’s get right into it!

Michael Hickins of Oracle writes in Forbes, ”The 2015 edition of Oracle OpenWorld promises to be the most modern yet. The focus of this year’s business and technology conference will be on the intersection of cloud, social and mobile business opportunities.”

As Oracle Open World 2015 is approaching, most of the techies and companies that use Oracle or are considering to use Oracle are getting excited about the great learning and networking possibilities, not to mention the chance to be in the City by the Bay, San Francisco.

The agenda of the event has already been published and it’s high time you start planning (and planning wisely at that) for the event. Here are some strategies that are a MUST for thriving at the 2015 edition of Oracle OpenWorld.

1) DO NOT Stress Out
Involve yourself in lots of activities while enjoying and having fun at the event. Schedule everything so that you don’t miss any important sessions or (the very important) social ‘after hours’ events.

2) Be Ready with Your Presentation
As you get involved more, you won’t get time to build your presentation during the event. Build your presentation well in advance and even rehearse it a good few times, so that you come across as someone who knows his/her stuff and is fully prepared.

3) Meet the Experts From Your Field
Everybody is here! Talk a lot with the right people so you can get to know their point of view; you never know the kind of collaboration opportunities that this can give rise to.

You would also want to meet Oracle Product Managers; they love to hear from their users and they want to extend their hand in working as a trusted partner with their users.

You may want to attending all the various speaking sessions of the Accenture as a lot can be learned about how Oracle Golden Gate enables this giant to manage it’s operations.

So be BOLD, do not miss this unparalleled opportunity to meet and connect with, and learn from the top influencers of the industry.

4) Pack According to the Weather
Since the weather will be a mix of warm and cold climate in October, it’s important that you pack your things to suit the weather. Choose your clothing wisely so that you feel comfortable as well as warm. But if you forget something, head out to the Oracle ‘mall’, at the event.

Also while at the event, consider carrying an extra pair of clothes and shoes so that you can change for the social events right away and save yourself from missing the start!

5) Stay Warm and Hydrated
As you will be doing a lot of talking, it’s mandatory that you drink a lot of water and juices, so that you can save your throat from itchiness and prevent yourself from de-hydration!

6) Explore
You got to spend some time away from the event as well so as to relax. Hence do explore the city in free hours.

Take full advantage of the early hours before the conference. San Francisco is a great city to roam around, The Golden Gate Bridge, The Bay, The Alcatraz, The Coit Tower and lots of other things which you just can’t afford to miss.

7) Be Smart. Get Your Phone Smarter!
Load your smart phone with the important apps, like Uber or Google Maps. Also don’t forget your social apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Skype. They are always great to keep in touch.

You may wanna also consider live streaming from the event using Periscope or Meerkat from your cell which are all the rage these days. Don’t forget to check out the Social Media Examiner’s “10 Mobile Apps No Conference Attendee Should Be Without” app.

8) Have Fun
You cannot afford to miss a single damn thing here. Tons of enjoyments are waiting for you… great foods, great people, a great show! So have fun and make everyone back home jealous.

Check out how you can convince your boss that the trip to Oracle OpenWorld is worth every penny.

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