Exadata: Hybrid Column Compression

Oracle provides different types of Compression for data in the database. The BASIC compression type is the default and allows the data to be compressed while loading the table using direct path loads. This has been available since Oracle 9i. The second type, the OLTP compression, introduced in 11gR1, is part of Oracle Advanced Compression. […]

11g Regular Expression in SQL and PL/SQL

[dropcap1]S[/dropcap1]tring searching is a challenging and important part in any programming language. Regular expression is a well-known tool for string searching and Perl – Language is a renowned language for regular expression for several decades. In the area of computing, a regular expression provides a powerful, concise and flexible set of pattern matching capabilities. In […]

Oracle Secure Files in 11g

• Introduction • What are Secure Files and how to use them • Advantages • Deduplication • Compression • Encryption • Logging and Caching • Managing Secure Files • Moving existing LOBs to Secure Files Introduction There are two ways you can store unstructured data in the Oracle Database which include PDF, XML, Image files. […]