Configure Oracle Exadata Write Back Flash Cache

Larry Ellison and Exadata

In addition to improving read I/Os, Oracle Exadata Write back flash cache also provides the ability to cache write I/Os directly to PCI flash. Exadata storage software version is the minimum version required to use write back flash cache. Grid infrastructure and database homes must run or later to use with Write-back Smart […]

Oracle Database 10g Certifications to Expire in March 01, 2015

Oracle Database is one of the leading relational database management system and is used all over the world. It has various training’s, exams and certifications for its Database and other products. However due to regular update in Database, they have to redesign their trainings, certification and exams to add new features and to remove old […]

Using DBMS_STATS to view column usage information

[dropcap1]T[/dropcap1]he primary purpose of DBMS_STATS package in the Oracle database is to collect the statistics for the Optimizer. These statistics help the Optimizer to develop better execution plans for the incoming queries. Oracle database 11g has an automated task because this is something that is required to be run almost daily and is absolutely required […]