Oracle 12c Deprecated Database Parameters


When upgrading to Oracle 12c it’s good to be familiar with the deprecated parameters. These are not really desupported, just that they will be de-supported in future versions of the Database. Read more ..

Oracle MAA 12c – A Data Plan for Meeting Every Organization’s Needs

Data is one of the most valuable and crucial asset for any company, hence businesses spend huge amounts of money on their enterprise software to ensure its safety and availability. RAC and clustering are some examples of the ways companies practice for high availability and performance of their enterprise and databases. However there are still […]

Increase DSS Performance by 100x and OLTP by 2x. Learn more about Oracle 12c In-Memory Database.


With Oracle, the largest performance enhancing features, the Oracle 12c In-memory database option, has been released. Learn more about how to enable it, the licensing costs, etc. Also read other about Oracle 12c In-Memory Database FAQ’s here …

Oracle 12c Last Login time for Non-Sys Users


Oracle 12c introduced a new, very useful security feature to store and display the last login information for non-sys users, logging in via SQL*PLUS. The last login time is displayed in the banner by default when we log into the database using SQL*PLUS in 12c. Related Articles • Oracle 12c: Data Redaction Unified Auditing Extended SHA-2 […]

Limiting PGA with PGA_AGGREGATE_LIMIT in Oracle 12c


In Oracle 12c, a new interesting much needed feature, has been introduced which controls the maximum amount of the PGA memory consumed by the user processes. The PGA_AGGREGATE_LIMIT parameter limits the amount of memory used by processes in the PGA.