What is the Cloud?

Cloud technology is a word that is being used a lot when it comes to online services. The term, which refers to a network of online servers, is more than just a buzz word. Companies are quickly discovering that cloud functions can help them run applications, deliver services, or simply store their extra data. Most […]

10 Tips for Marketing IT Services

Tips for Marketing IT Services

Based on my experience in marketing IT services, the competition is really high and very challenging. I’m sure you will agree to that! A lot of online entrepreneurs, especially those that are dealing with IT services like you are always on the search for the best marketing tips. You always needed new information so that […]

How to Promote Yourself on LinkedIn

NatikAmeen Linkedin Profile

TWENTY new profiles are made EVERY SECOND on LinkedIn! To stand out from the crowd, technologists must have a impact-full profile. People create an impression about YOU within the first 3 to 4 seconds of landing on their profile. If your profile connects with clients, they will want to contact you and do business with […]