Generate Multiple AWR Reports Quickly

Occasionally there is a need to generate multiple AWR reports for database analysis. In my case, a storage vendor will use a tool to extract data from all time periods from the AWR reports to find IO related specific information. Here is how I generated these reports.

Profiling your Database 12c – Part 1 – Using Dynamic Performance Views

Database dynamic performance views provide various statistics like session events, system events, waits, etc.. These statistics are mostly cumulative values, aggregated from the time the instance was started.

Below are some views which provide these statistics. In Oracle 12c, to support multitenant environments, most of the views like V$SYSSTAT and V$EVENT_HISTOGRAM now have an additional CON_ID column.

Fine grained access control over UTL_* packages

[dropcap1]E[/dropcap1]ven with all the security measures in place, one potential threat which mostly goes unnoticed is access to certain database packages. There are some packages which have execute privileges granted to public by default, which means that any database user can execute them. The four packages of special importance in this context are the below. […]

Enhanced Statistics Collection

Statistics are important as they keep the DBMS updated regarding different aspects of database. The most obvious use of statistics is to improve the query performance. Optimizer uses the statistics related to database tables before defining and choosing the optimal execution plan for the query. Oracle database 11g has several new features in terms of […]

Oracle Resource Manager Enhancements

In this article we will look at the new features introduced in Resource Manager of Oracle database 11g. Just to list them first here are the four new features in resource manager. This article will be about these new features. [arrow_list] I/O Calibration Per Session I/O Limits AWR Statistics for Resource Manager Built in Resource […]