1. Hi Natik !

    i have problem with migration process from OGG, in this case : Db Source is Oracle in HPUX – SAP Application with 77,000 tables around and 5 TB, the Target is Db Oracle 12c in Linux,
    I am using Method Initial Load with Datapump, and error especific is:

    Opened trail file /media/OGG/ogg_target/dirdat/extpro/r1000000 at 2015-11-10 02:31:37

    2015-11-10 02:31:37 WARNING OGG-03509 Using NLS_LANG character set we8dec as the source database character set.

    2015-11-10 02:31:37 INFO OGG-06506 Wildcard MAP resolved (entry SAPPRO.D*): MAP “SAPPRO”.”DDLOG”, TARGET SAPPRO.”DDDLOG”.

    2015-11-10 02:31:37 WARNING OGG-00869 Failed to retrieve column list handle for table SAPPRO.DDDLOG.

    Source Context :
    SourceModule : [er.mapping]
    SourceID : [/scratch/aime1/adestore/views/aime1_adc4150384/oggcore/OpenSys/src/app/er/mapping.cpp]
    SourceFunction : [get_map_entry]
    SourceLine : [1951]
    ThreadBacktrace : [16] elements
    : [/media/OGG/ogg_target/ [0x7fbc78b13dae]]
    : [/media/OGG/ogg_target/*, unsigned int, …)+0x340) [0x7f
    : [/media/OGG/ogg_target/*, ggs::gglib::ggapp::C
    QualDBObjName const&, CMessageFactory::MessageDisposition)+0x44) [0x7fbc78b0a596]]
    : [/media/OGG/ogg_target/replicat(get_map_entry(ggs::gglib::ggunicode::UString const&, int, wc_def*, int, unsigned i
    nt, unsigned int)+0x1271) [0x5979b1]]
    : [/media/OGG/ogg_target/replicat(wc_def::resolve_wc_entry(ggs::gglib::ggapp::CQualDBObjName const&, i
    nt, unsigned int*, ggs::gglib::ggapp::CQualDBObjName*, int)+0x19b) [0x64242b]]
    : [/media/OGG/ogg_target/replicat(WILDCARD_check_table(ggs::gglib::ggapp::CQualDBObjName const*, int,
    unsigned int*, int, unsigned int, ggs::gglib::ggapp::CQualDBObjName*, int)+0x139) [0x644389]]
    : [/media/OGG/ogg_target/replicat(REP_find_source_file_wc(ggs::gglib::ggapp::CQualDBObjName const&, un
    signed int, ggs::gglib::ggapp::CQualDBObjName*, int)+0x13d) [0x59b40d]]
    : [/media/OGG/ogg_target/replicat(source_file_lookup(__std_rec_hdr const*, ULibCharSet)+0x582) [0x57df12]]
    : [/media/OGG/ogg_target/replicat(process_replicat_loop()+0xb45) [0x5ad525]]
    : [/media/OGG/ogg_target/replicat(replicat_main(int, char**)+0x5ca) [0x5c6b7a]]
    : [/media/OGG/ogg_target/replicat(ggs::gglib::MultiThreading::MainThread::ExecMain()+0x4f) [0x699c0f]]
    : [/media/OGG/ogg_target/replicat(ggs::gglib::MultiThreading::Thread::RunThread(ggs::gglib::MultiThreading::Thread::
    ThreadArgs*)+0x104) [0x699f44]]
    : [/media/OGG/ogg_target/replicat(ggs::gglib::MultiThreading::MainThread::Run(int, char**)+0x8b) [0x69a04b]]
    : [/media/OGG/ogg_target/replicat(main+0x3f) [0x5c580f]]
    : [/lib64/ [0x386a81ed1d]]
    : [/media/OGG/ogg_target/replicat() [0x517099]]

    2015-11-10 02:31:37 ERROR OGG-00199 Table SAPPRO.DDDLOG does not exist in target database.

    * ** Run Time Statistics ** *

    Reading /media/OGG/ogg_target/dirdat/extpro/r1000000, current RBA 966, 0 records

    Report at 2015-11-10 02:31:37 (activity since 2015-11-10 02:31:36)

    No records were replicated.

    Last log location read:
    FILE: /media/OGG/ogg_target/dirdat/extpro/r1000000
    SEQNO: 0
    RBA: 966
    TIMESTAMP: 2015-11-09 01:56:47.796658
    EOF: NO
    READERR: 0

    2015-11-10 02:31:37 ERROR OGG-01668 PROCESS ABENDING.

    Please your help is great

    • Hi Lucio,

      I don’t have all the steps and the sequence you have taken to build your destination schema but from the error in the log it appears that the table SAPPRO.DDDLOG does not exist in your destination database. The REPLICAT process is trying to place the data it is reading from the TRAIL file but since the table is not present the process is abending.

      “Table SAPPRO.DDDLOG does not exist in target database”

      TO get past this error you can copy the DDL of the table SAPPRO.DDDLOG from the source to the destination database and the replicat should start flowing again.

      – Natik

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