Oracle 12c Database: Create 12c CDB, PDB Databases Using OUI

When installing Oracle Software using OUI, you can create and configure a database, just like you used to do in the previous versions of the Oracle database. However, due to the new multitenant architecture there are some changes in options presented to you. In this article we will look at how you can create and configure 12c CDB/PDBs’ using the OUI, as part of software installation process.

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Create 12c CDB, PDB Databases Using OUI

To create and configure a CDB/PDB database, as part of an installation, you must choose the option to Install the software and create a database. This will enable OUI to call the DBCA once the software installation is complete. Whether you choose the Basic installation method or the Advanced installation, the options presented to you are pretty similar.

Below is the screen that you can use to specify the creation of database.

Create and configure database

The option of prime importance is the checkbox at the end, which asks you whether you want to create a container database or non-container. If you check this box, you will have to specify the name of a PDB as well. However if you uncheck this box then the database created will be a non-container database – much like the 11g version database.

The screen above is that of a basic install. The advanced install process presents similar options. During the install process you are only allowed to create a single PDB database. To create additional PDB’s you can invoke the DBCA after the installation.

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