What to expect at the NextGen Cloud Conference and Why you should attend it?

The NexGen Cloud Conference is an annual gathering of vendors, innovators and technology users that can help quickly come up to speed with the latest technologies and create value for you and your company.

The cloud computing world is changing constantly, and it is also growing at an amazing rate.

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If you need a little help in convincing your company that you should be a part of this event that takes place then here are some good reasons why everyone should be a part of the NexGen Cloud Conference.

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Get the Latest Information

It is one thing to read about the latest innovations in Cloud technology on the Internet, but it is very different when you have the actual creators of those innovations show them to you first-hand.

You can get hands-on experience with the latest cloud technology, and you can use that practical information to move your company past the competition.

You can also learn from leaders in the market who have adopted Cloud technology and are reaping the rewards.

Make Valuable Contacts

Most conferences allow you to make good contacts within your industry, but the NexGen Cloud Conference puts you in touch with people that could literally change your company’s future.

The contacts you make at this conference can be with leading experts in the cloud computing field, and you can use those contacts to find new ways to benefit from cloud computing.

Partner with the Right People

The great thing about a conference is that you get to experience new companies first-hand, instead of just reading about them online.

The field of cloud computing is extremely dynamic, and you need partners that can stay ahead of the curve to help your business succeed.

At this conference, you can find quality companies to partner with to help improve your company’s position within your industry.

Get Great Ideas

If your company is interested in cloud computing, then this conference is the place where you will find a bounty of useful information and innovative ideas.

When you leave this conference, you will start to formulate ideas of your own that you can put into action and turn into new revenue.

At the NexGen Cloud Conference, you can expect to be inspired with ideas that can take your business to the next level.

Any company that deals in the world of cloud computing is passing up an excellent opportunity if they do not attend the NexGen Cloud Conference.

Instead of wondering what could have been, it is in your company’s best interests to attend this conference and get as much value from it as you possibly can.

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Register for NextGen Cloud Conference

This year the conference is being held in San Diego, California on December 9th and 10th.

Ensure that you have a seat at the conference by registering here.

Key NextGen Cloud Sessions

  • Disruption, Innovation, and What You Can Learn from the NewCo Revolution
  • Innovate with the Cloud Built for Cognitive Business
  • Powering The Cloud Software Ecosystem
  • The 3 Keys to MSP Cloud Acceleration
  • How PayPal Stands up, Scales, and Operates Cloud
  • Cloud & Connectivity Track: Not Your Father’s Telephone Company
  • The Next Wave of Cloud Computing
  • Master Data, Design, & Culture to Drive Innovation
  • Cloud & Connectivity Track: Partnering to Deliver Telco Cloud Solutions
  • Samsung Tech Talk: Mobile Device Security – Is Android Secure Enough?
  • Vijilan Tech Talk: Cyber-Security: Sell Products or Solve Problems?
  • Cisco Tech Talk: Next Generation Hybrid Cloud
  • Become a Cloud Security Ninja
  • The Off-Premises Cloud Services Enterprises Really Want
  • VMware Tech Talk: Monetize on Cloud Services with VMware Managed Services Provider Program
  • Trouble Convincing Your Boss?

    Read more on how you can convince your boss that the trip to the NextGen Cloud Conference is worth every penny.

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