Upgrade Goldengate to

The following are the steps required to upgrade the Goldengate software to The Goldengate installation file and the readme documents can be downloaded here

Pre-Upgrade Steps

1) Prior to the Upgrade ensure all extract, pump and replicat processes are healthy

2) The DDL trigger will be recreated. Ensure that there is no DDL run during the upgrade

Upgrade to

1) Ensure that there are no long running transactions on the database side.

2) Confirm that no DDL is in progress.

3) Confirm that the current log is being mined and that the Recovery Checkpoint field shows the latest log needed for recovery.

GSCI (sdk-hdh-db131) 7> send extract EECT00R1, showtrans Sending SHOWTRANS request to EXTRACT EECT00R1 ...
No transactions found. Oldest redo log files necessary to restart Extract are:

Redo Thread 1, Redo Log Sequence Number 12977, SCN 1700.2964699959 (8304604103159), RBA 14645752
Redo Thread 2, Redo Log Sequence Number 13008, SCN 1700.2964699873 (8304604103073), RBA 2345648.

4) Stop ALL Golden Gate extract, pump and replicat processes. Ensure that the data from the source has all been applied to the target database.

a. Stop Extract process

b. Ensure RBA’s for the Replicats are not changing and the RBA value and the trail file size on destination are the same. This is confirm that all transaction in the trail files have been applied on the target.

Stop the process in the following order.

a. Stop extract

b. Stop Pump process

c. Stop Stop Replicats

d. Stop mgr

5) With all processes down before upgrading, backup the Goldengate home, particularly the checkpoint files.

6) Next start the upgrade process by untaring the binary install files on both source and target.

7) On Source side ONLY – Recreate GoldenGate DDL triggers and objects by running the scripts below.

8) Again make sure that no DDL is being run as it it be lost with the dropping of the DDL history table.As sysdba on source database do the following:

a. cd $GG_HOME

b. As “sqlplus / as sysdba” run ddl_disable.sql

c. Restart all Oracle in the RAC cluster, one at a time

d. Run the remainder of the scripts:

i. @marker_setup

ii. @ddl_setup

iii. @role_setup

iv. @ddl_enable

9) Restart all GoldenGate processes the order below.

a. Manager process

b. Extract process

c. Pump process

d. Replicat processes

Upgrade completed!

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