Independant Review of What is Oracle GoldenGate

GoldenGate in Oracle provides continuous and reliable access to real time routing, capturing, transforming and delivering of transactional data.

The process will be applied across a range of heterogeneous environments, ensuring integration into almost any new or preexisting production.

As updated or new data is captured at the source, it will be applied to one or more targeted systems with low latency.

Oracle and GoldenGate: Real Time Data Replication & Integration

GoldenGate for Oracle leads in real time data integration. Anyone familiar with what is Oracle GoldenGate and its utility knows this is a best-in-class solution for data synchronization.

GoldenGate’s exemplary product accelerates operations in every way through an all-comprehensive data integration platform.

What is Oracle GoldenGate used for?

  • Oracle GoldenGate Veridata 12c offers data comparison at high speeds that accesses, identifies and reports on heterogeneous databases without disrupting processes. It also fixes any discrepancies in databases.
  • Oracle GoldenGate for Big Data streams real time transactional info into big data systems.The result is all productions seeing a noticeable bump in timeliness and quality of business insights.
  • With Oracle GoldenGate Cloud Service, get solid functionality for moving heterogeneous data in real time to the cloud.This facility allows greater global analytics, as well as testing and development in the cloud using live production data.
  • The Management Pack for Oracle GoldenGate is a comprehensive way to learn what is OracleGolden Gate and its extensive operation. It includes a range of powerful and streamlined monitoring and management tools, including OracleGolden Gate Monitor, Oracle GoldenGate Director and the Oracle Enterprise Manager Plug-in. OracleGolden Gate Application Adapters significantly expands the platform’s application with integration for Flat File and Java. This pushes the solution into non-database sourcing and targeting. It includes native database loadears and JMS message busing.

Understanding what is Oracle GoldenGate is knowing how to enable real time business intelligence and maximizing business insight.

It is a major step towards optimizing OLTP performance, developing data migration with no downtime, managing effective disaster recovery and implementing database synchronization to ensure continuous availability.

If you are curious and want to learn more about what is Oracle GoldenGate, check out resources like the GoldenGate Oracle wiki and other online sites providing in-depth info about what is GoldenGate in Oracle.

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