Latest Release of Oracle Exadata Exachk and HealthCheck

Announcing the release of Exachk Version

Exachk is a tool that is used to quickly determine the health of the entire Exadata infrastructure. Some of the key components that are checked include the database, cell servers and the network.

This tool further reviews the configuration of the system and compares with the best practices. It also lists the individual components of the system and verifies the current software version and compare it to the minimum required software version.

For more details on Oracle Exadata Exachk and healthcheck, take a look at the MOS article “Oracle Exadata Database Machine Exachk or HealthCheck (Doc ID 1070954.1)”.

As always, use the latest version for the health check of Exadata.

New Functionality
• Auto-update when in daemon mode without user intervention
• Automatic download from My Oracle Support
• GoldenGate support
• Siebel support

New Features
•Support for X5 hardware and Exadata software version
•Support for Virtual Machines on Exadata
• Support for asymmetrically distributed RDBMS homes
o Exadata, Supercluster,Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance
• Support for Single Instance using Oracle Restart
• New report section: “Infrastructure Software and Configuration Summary”
o Exadata, Supercluster,Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance
• New report section: “Findings needing further review”
• New report section: “Platinum”
o Exadata, Supercluster
• Functionality for pre-patching subset of checks “-prepatch”
o All

Bugs Fixed
The following bugs have been addressed.

20387953 -profile sysadmin prompts for database selection(s)
20347453 modify dns server ping time: raise threshold to 3ms, remove “2 seconds” typo
20225117 exachk -initsetup fails not able to determine hardware type on x2-2
20175570 warning on asm process count when recommended equals setting
20174824 flash cash size wants gigs while error because it in terabytes
20162223 checks dependent upon “o_asr_minver_db_server_name.out” fail
20147177 er: add ssh flag “-v” to default “-debug” output
20095981 exadata exachk recommended ib switch settings cause loss of exalogic ovmmdb
20046296 doc: remove references to “213” from 1070954.1
20007280 readonly env variable qualifier results in “there are prompts…”
20004224 error ora-12162 while running exachk
19987780 er: -initpresetup not able to configure ib switches due to passphrase configured
19970494 duplicate ip addresses in /etc/hosts disrupts check for client interface
19943964 false fail “scan storage server alerthistory for stateful alerts not cleared”
19933392 add “ensure db_unique_name is unique across the enterprise”
19884182 four checks have “elapsed….” from sql timing in view detail
19857872 add check for exadata critical issue ex16 (mos note 1270094.1)
19857625 “asm disk group compatible.asm parameter” check fails after gi upgrade
19782430 infiniband switch is not reachable in exachk
19682422 exachk fails to run checks in oel 6 based exadata images.
19554511 er: review verify-topology check
19063799 enhance exachk framework to handle asymmetric rdbms homes in cluster
18916816 check for platinum compliance
17981369 add functionality for pre-patching subset of checks

20170690 exachk – no database info listed when the exachk is run for single node configur
19943709 ssc “verify ilom power up configuration for host_last_power_state on dbserver”
19943700 “verify ilom power up configuration for host_auto_power_on on db server” forssc
19943672 please add “older cvu trace files needing deletion” for supercluster as well
19943652 please add “old log files in client directory in crs_home” for supercluster as w
19943644 please add “ocr mirroring” for supercluster as well
19943631 please add “ocr backup” for supercluster as well
19800997 clusterware software version matches across cluster while exachk thinks not
19800989 exachk should not expect ntp server match across zone db and storage servers
19800962 ip address in cellinit.ora file should not match across database servers
19556333 please add “gi shell limits” for supercluster as well
19556290 please add “css log file size” for supercluster as well
19556282 please add “startup sequence in asm alert log for rds” for supercluster as well
19556257 please add “crs and asm version comparison” for supercluster as well
19495766 exachk needs to be more zone aware/friendly on supercluster
19441130 please add “grid_home crs opatch version” for supercluster as well
19441112 please add “/tmp directory free space” for supercluster as well
19441071 add “exadata software version compatibility with ib software version” for ssc
19440977 please add “vip nic bonding config” check for supercluster as well
19385724 each database accessed even though no checks are to be run
19327937 please add ora_crs_home env variable check for supercluster as well
19316579 please add “rdbms_home opatch version” check for supercluster as well
19316568 please add oswatcher status check for supercluster as well
19316564 please add oracle_home env variable check for supercluster as well
19316477 please add minimum operating system version check for supercluster as well
19273188 please add maxstartups check for supercluster as well

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