GoldenGate ggsci returns “ ggsci: fatal: relocation error” after GoldenGate 12c upgrade

What: When invoking ggsci after GoldenGate 12c upgrade the “ ggsci: fatal: relocation error” is returned? ggsci: fatal: relocation error: file ggsci: symbol __1cDggsFgglibJggunicodeHUStringIinitPool6FL_v_: referenced symbol not found

Cause: After upgrading to GoldenGate 12c the environment PATH variable has entries for both the old GoldenGate home as well as the new 12c GoldenGate home.

Resolution: Either remove the old GoldenGate path from the PATH variable or exit the SSH session and login again but export only the new GoldenGate 12 home value.

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