OGG-02060 The Oracle Mining Database is not Configured Properly to Support Integrated Capture.

Question: When creating the GoldenGate Integrated Extract I get the “OGG-02060 The Oracle Mining Database” error.


    ERROR OGG-02060 The Oracle mining database is not configured properly to support integrated capture. The following configuration error must be fixed: Operation not supported because ENABLE_GOLDENGATE_REPLICATION is not set to true.

How do I fix the OGG-02060 Error?

Answer: The parameter ENABLE_GOLDENGATE_REPLICATION needs to be set for the mining server to be available.

Action: Set the ENABLE_GOLDENGATE_REPLICATION database parameter to true. Also ensure that the database patch 14551959 is installed. More information is available in MOS note 1411356.1.

    SQL> alter system set ENABLE_GOLDENGATE_REPLICATION=true;

    System altered.


    INFO OGG-02003 Extract XGG01 successfully registered with database at SCN 912858.

Extract registered successfully!

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