ORA-02010 missing host connect string

Question: What is the cause of the error “ORA-02010 missing host connect string”?

    SELECT * FROM [email protected]_link
    ERROR at line 2:
    ERROR: ORA-02010: missing host connect string

Cause: The Oracle error utility oerr returns this description for the ORA error.

    ORA-02010 missing host connect string

    A quoted character string does not follow the keyword USING in the USING clause of a CREATE DATABASE LINK statement.
    Specify the host connect string, then retry the operation.

The DB Link was created without strings in the tns string.

    CONNECT TO ecomm IDENTIFIED BY ‘ecommpass’
    USING ecomm_db;

Solution: Recreate the DB Link with the tns string appearing after the USING clause within quotes and try again.

    CONNECT TO ecomm IDENTIFIED BY ‘ecommpass’;
    USING ‘ecomm_db’;

Retry selecting from the remote table.

Issue resolved!

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