ORA-04030 Out of Process Memory When Trying To Allocate s Bytes

Question: What is the cause of the “ORA-04030 out of process memory when trying to allocate s bytes” error? How do I resolve this?

Answer: This error message points to the nonavailability of memory for an operation. This could be due to one of the reasons below.

1. New operation requires memory but is being used by other processes.
2. There is a bug in the system which is causing the memory leakage. This could be in the memory structures including the Database instance SGA or PGA. Memory could also be leaking from the ASM SGA.


• Try to determine which component is taking the most memory.
• Determine if the memory settings are correct. There is a possibility that memory is over-allocated for some components.
• Lookup Metalink for your Database Version and Patch, to determine if there is a known bug. Some of these are listed below.
• You may need to add more memory.
• If none of the above are applicable open up a Metalink Service Request.

Bug List
NOTE:1088267.1 – Master Note for Diagnosing OS Memory Problems and ORA-4030
NOTE:7009011.8 – Bug 7009011 – Memory leak in DBMS_XSLPROCESSOR
NOTE:7197637.8 – Bug 7197637 – Memory leak from PLSQL loop calling UTL_FILE.FOPEN
NOTE:7199645.8 – Bug 7199645 – High memory use from query rewrite
NOTE:7475294.8 – Bug 7475294 – PGA memory leak in apply server processes
NOTE:7640981.8 – Bug 7640981 – PGA Growth during Statistics Import
NOTE:7646952.8 – Bug 7646952 – Clearing context uses excessive CGA memory
NOTE:7715994.8 – Bug 7715994 – Memory leak when running many jobs
NOTE:8371884.8 – Bug 8371884 – Large Memory allocation with Star transformation
NOTE:11782790.8 – Bug 11782790 – Excessive memory use parsing deeply nested queries
NOTE:11878443.8 – Bug 11878443 – Assorted Errors and Dumps raised instead of ORA-1722 converting a corrupt number to a string
NOTE:5014219.8 – Bug 5014219 – Excess memory use for large SQL if there are many children
NOTE:5095025.8 – Bug 5095025 – ORA-4030 (kxs-heap-c,temporary memory) using expdp
NOTE:5116414.8 – Bug 5116414 – Cleanup of non-existence objects by SMON takes a long time
NOTE:3155220.8 – Bug 3155220 – Memory leak / ORA-4030 at Streams APPLY if column count differs from Capture site
NOTE:3174292.8 – Bug 3174292 – Proxy backup generates huge PLSQL code with many datafiles
NOTE:3254366.8 – Bug 3254366 – ORA-4030 / memory leak with fuzzy matching and nested loops
NOTE:3565920.8 – Bug 3565920 – ORA-4030 on select from V$SHARED_POOL_RESERVED after resize
NOTE:3611423.8 – Bug 3611423 – PGA memory leak in AQ propagation process(J000)
NOTE:3701730.8 – Bug 3701730 – Memory leak executing PLSQL or Java calls repeatedly in a single user call – superseded
NOTE:3787833.8 – Bug 3787833 – ORA-4030 / excess memory use when an XML schema is registered
NOTE:3795386.8 – Bug 3795386 – Insert as select of LOBS / XMLType across DB Link can leak memory
NOTE:9447780.8 – Bug 9447780 – Server side leak with repeat TIMESTAMP bind to stored PLSQL
NOTE:9539440.8 – Bug 9539440 – Query on V$SEGMENT_STATISTICS uses excess memory (ORA-4030)
NOTE:9604794.8 – Bug 9604794 – Memory leak / ORA-4030 loading a large XML file
NOTE:9791589.8 – Bug 9791589 – Data Pump export hang / uses excessive memory with many “WITH GRANT OPTION” grants – superceded
NOTE:9795019.8 – Bug 9795019 – Attempting to use dbms_xmlgen.setconvertspecialchars on a database with character set AL32UTF8 to prevent dbms_xmlgen failing with ORA-31011: XML parsing failed due to the presence of chr(0) in the data will cause the procedure to appea
NOTE:9695366.8 – Bug 9695366 – problem inserting encrypted values to mv log
NOTE:9966609.8 – Bug 9966609 – ORA-600 [kfdcopy_3] or ORA-4030 in ASM Instance During Rebalance
NOTE:9279524.8 – Bug 9279524 – Hang / ORA-4030 evaluating window aggregate with linguistic sort
NOTE:3802111.8 – Bug 3802111 – Streams capture memory leak
NOTE:3808670.8 – Bug 3808670 – Private memory leak from INSERT INTO over Database link
NOTE:3836164.8 – Bug 3836164 – ORA-4030 / high memory use from SQL with many views/branches
NOTE:399497.1 – FAQ: ORA-4030 [Video] NOTE:4285294.8 – Bug 4285294 – Memory leak in AQ messaging
NOTE:4483919.8 – Bug 4483919 – Huge memory use / ORA-4030 from RMAN
NOTE:5118748.8 – Bug 5118748 – ORA-4030 / memory leak using PLSQL with collections (“pmucp2upkl korfp”)
NOTE:5220562.8 – Bug 5220562 – ORA-4030 (sort subheap,sort key) on insert a partitioned table with concurrent DDL
NOTE:5240264.8 – Bug 5240264 – ORA-4030 / ORA-4031 / Excessive Memory Usage with view merging and large IN LISTs.
NOTE:5389854.8 – Bug 5389854 – Memory leak using bulk insert with SAVE EXCEPTIONS
NOTE:5408970.8 – Bug 5408970 – Memory leak using XMLType() constructor on ADT in a loop
NOTE:5464834.8 – Bug 5464834 – ORA-4030 (kxs-heap-c,temporary memory) using EXPDP
NOTE:5671929.8 – Bug 5671929 – Large memory allocation when using SDO_GEOM.RELATE
NOTE:5688060.8 – Bug 5688060 – High PGA memory use / ORA-4030 compiling very large PLSQL package
NOTE:5705073.8 – Bug 5705073 – High memory consumption from DBMS_XMLQUERY used in a loop
NOTE:5709135.8 – Bug 5709135 – High PGA memory use / ORA-4030 from INLIST iterator
NOTE:2519148.8 – Bug 2519148 – Memory leak from PLSQL RPC to an older database version in a LOOP
NOTE:2547290.8 – Bug 2547290 – Refresh of Materialized View over DBLINK wastes memory (ORA-4030)
NOTE:2621671.8 – Bug 2621671 – Memory leak in logical standby
NOTE:6194209.8 – Bug 6194209 – ORA-4030 / excess memory use loading new geometry
NOTE:6277860.8 – Bug 6277860 – Excess memory used from setProperties on Dicom data
NOTE:647877.8 – Bug 647877 – Large Memory leak running sub-queries in PARALLEL
NOTE:6506816.8 – Bug 6506816 – ORA-4030 / memory leak in ‘session heap’ using XDB
NOTE:6615740.8 – Bug 6615740 – ORA-4030 in logical standy (“knas:shtrans”)
NOTE:6624011.8 – Bug 6624011 – ORA-4030 / ORA-4031 on startup with > 4Gb SGA_TARGET
NOTE:6699175.8 – Bug 6699175 – AQ memory leak in CJQ during remote buffered dequeue
NOTE:6852013.8 – Bug 6852013 – ORA-4030 / memory leak using XMLDOM to create nodelists
NOTE:6011182.8 – Bug 6011182 – Parsing of large query takes long time / memory leak / ORA-4030 /4031
NOTE:3147224.8 – Bug 3147224 – Memory leak from long running SQL statement calling PLSQL function with arguments
NOTE:4690571.8 – Bug 4690571 – Memory leak using BULK COLLECT within cursor opened using native dynamic sql
NOTE:4921418.8 – Bug 4921418 – Free extents in PGA subheaps not freed (ORA-4030) with Auto Memory Management
NOTE:494320.8 – Bug 494320 – ORA-4030 from QUERY on PARTITION VIEW with BITMAP INDEXES
NOTE:4970079.8 – Bug 4970079 – SMON fails with ORA-4030 during clean up of non-existent objects
NOTE:2708874.8 – Bug 2708874 – OERI:KGHALP1 / ORA-4030 using FORALL with SAVE EXCEPTIONS
NOTE:2791857.8 – Bug 2791857 – Memory leak / ORA-4030 using Deflator class in Java stored procedure
NOTE:456119.8 – Bug 456119 – ORA-4030 & ORA-7324 on query using a PV with BITMAP INDEX
NOTE:4616532.8 – Bug 4616532 – LMON memory leak / ORA-4030
NOTE:2831689.8 – Bug 2831689 – DBMS_XMLSave.insertXML/updateXML/deleteXML leaks memory if updating a CLOB
NOTE:1470903.8 – Bug 1470903 – OERI:KGHFRF1 possible after ORA-4030 when allocating control file cache memory
NOTE:1747011.8 – Bug 1747011 – Mem leak / ORA-4030 binding repeatedly in a PLSQL loop
NOTE:1839080.8 – Bug 1839080 – Memory leak possible using HASH join (ORA-4030)
NOTE:1891703.8 – Bug 1891703 – ORA-4030/ memory growth from UPDATE .. SET=(subquery) with PLSQL function calls
NOTE:1965909.8 – Bug 1965909 – ORA-4030 / PGA memory leak in LMS process leading to instance crash
NOTE:2135909.8 – Bug 2135909 – SQLLDR continues trying to load rows after an ORA-4030
NOTE:2208570.8 – Bug 2208570 – ORA-4030 / ORA-4031 / spin during query optimization with STAR TRANSFORMATION and unmergable view
NOTE:2281071.8 – Bug 2281071 – ORA-4030 / memory leak calling RPC in PLSQL cursor loop
NOTE:2448925.8 – Bug 2448925 – ORA-4030 from CTAS of CLOB over DBLINK from non_UTF8 -> UTF8
NOTE:2487797.8 – Bug 2487797 – SDO_LRS.CONVERT_TO_LRS_GEOM memory leak / ORA-4030
NOTE:2836515.8 – Bug 2836515 – Memory leak/ORA-4030 possible in Streams apply process
NOTE:2907034.8 – Bug 2907034 – High memory use / ORA-4030 loading XML via createresource()
NOTE:2936556.8 – Bug 2936556 – ORA-4030 on large multi table insert with Unique constraint
NOTE:3064159.8 – Bug 3064159 – Sessions using ASSM segments may leak memory
NOTE:3130972.8 – Bug 3130972 – ENH: Allow over 1Gb private memory in realfree allocator
NOTE:5866410.8 – Bug 5866410 – PLSQL BULK insert consumes a lot of PGA memory
NOTE:5883585.8 – Bug 5883585 – ORA-4030 from long running XMLAGG query
NOTE:12402210.8 – Bug 12402210 – PMON process uses lots of PGA memory / ORA-4030 [pga heap,kzaxins1-alloc encode xml text] with XML auditing
NOTE:12413483.8 – Bug 12413483 – XStream for streams apply causes ORA-4030 errors
NOTE:12731917.8 – Bug 12731917 – PGA memory leak of “kuxlpxalloc” memory using DBMS_REDEFINITION
NOTE:6052169.8 – Bug 6052169 – PQ slave can leak memory / ORA-4030
NOTE:6061892.8 – Bug 6061892 – Memory Leak on ‘PLS non-lib hp’ by recursive PLSQL calls / ORA-4030 AND ORA-21780
NOTE:6181488.8 – Bug 6181488 – Logical standby can fail ith ORA-4030
NOTE:8429273.8 – Bug 8429273 – USE_CONCAT hint not reliable for outlines / ORA-600 / excess memory use
NOTE:852303.8 – Bug 852303 – ORA-4030 – leak from BITMAP MERGE
NOTE:8570572.8 – Bug 8570572 – SecureFile writes can leak “kdlwcd” memory (on callheap)
NOTE:8790837.8 – Bug 8790837 – Call heap memory leak during materialized view refresh
NOTE:8835591.8 – Bug 8835591 – Excess memory use parsing invalid SQL with COUNT() in subquery select list
NOTE:8849734.8 – Bug 8849734 – SQLX query using XMLAGG spins / PGA memory leak in kolaGetRfcHeap / Private memory corruption
NOTE:8893155.8 – Bug 8893155 – ORA-4030 error during datapump import of table with SDO_GEOMETRY data type
NOTE:8934457.8 – Bug 8934457 – ORA-4031 during EXPLAIN PLAN or ORA-4030 during SELECT
NOTE:9101315.8 – Bug 9101315 – Memory growth with SDO_GEOMETRY_OBJECT type
NOTE:9253557.8 – Bug 9253557 – Excess private memory use / wrong results from adhoc LogMiner
NOTE:10127360.8 – Bug 10127360 – Memory may be wasted / appear to leak with mixed large and small allocations
NOTE:10142788.8 – Bug 10142788 – Using pl/sql ncomp in can result in ORA-4030 “out of process memory” and/or shared object files not being cleaned up
NOTE:10195109.8 – Bug 10195109 – ORA-4030 during datapump metadata export
NOTE:10217802.8 – Bug 10217802 – ORA-4030 / excess memory use from ALTER USER .. RENAME
NOTE:10634096.8 – Bug 10634096 – excessive memory usage with grouping sets and temp table transformation
NOTE:10635701.8 – Bug 10635701 – RMAN backup many files consumes lots of PGA / fails with ORA-4030
NOTE:12837280.8 – Bug 12837280 – ORA-4030 “kxs-heap-w” “kntxslt.cleartextarray 1” refreshing a Materialized View – superceded
NOTE:12890501.8 – Bug 12890501 – ORA-4030 (callheap,qerrmbv[]: qerrmobnd) from distributed query with subquery
NOTE:1334986.8 – Bug 1334986 – INSERT from remote SELECT with > 256 columns can spin leaking lots of memory
NOTE:13419660.8 – Bug 13419660 – DBMS_REDEFINITION can leak memory due to not sharing package state correctly
NOTE:13452852.8 – Bug 13452852 – ORA-4030 / excess PGA memory use with XDB XML queries
NOTE:13511004.8 – Bug 13511004 – Memory leak / ORA-4030 / high version_count for cursors using SQLT_TIMESTAMP_TZ

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