1. Hello Natik,

    Thank you for this tutorial. I was able to install the software thanks to you. However, I can’t get OEM to work – Firefox says “The connection was interrupted” when I try to access the default web address for OEM. I’ve look everywhere, but nobody else seems to have this problem. I’ve installed Solaris and Oracle 12c on three VMs already and all have the same problem. I’m clearly doing something wrong. Perhaps you have some suggestions?

    • Hi Chris,

      What is the status of the listener and the dbconsole? Also try both http and https address of the dbconsole link that you are trying.

      lsnrctl status
      emctl status dbconsole

  2. Hi chris i’m cannot create usermod

    root@solaris:~# usermod -g oinstall -G dba oper oracle
    UX: usermod: ERROR: Invalid syntax.
    usage: usermod -u uid [-o] | -g group |-G [+|-]group[[,group]…] |
    -d dir [-m] | -s shell | -c comment |
    -l new_logname | -f inactive | -e expire |
    -A [+|-]authorization[[,authorization]…] |-K key[+|-]=value … |
    -P [+|-]profile[[,profile]…] | -R [+|-]role[[,role]…] |
    [-S [files | ldap]] [-q qualifier] login

  3. your tutor is simply good I will like to see more of you tutorials Linux and oracle database

  4. hello sir,
    I have installed oracle 12c software nnd as previously i am running 11g version database on same server so i how do I login to 12c database. installation I have assign seprate ORACLE_HOME for 12c databae

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