Oracle 12c Deprecated Database Parameters

When upgrading to Oracle 12c it’s good to be familiar with the deprecated parameters.

These are not really desupported, just that they will be de-supported in future versions of the Database.

SELECT name, description from v$parameter
WHERE isdeprecated = 'TRUE';

lock_name_space lock name space used for generating lock names for standby/clone database
instance_groups list of instance group names
resource_manager_cpu_allocation Resource Manager CPU allocation
active_instance_count number of active instances in the cluster database
buffer_pool_keep Number of database blocks/latches in keep buffer pool
buffer_pool_recycle Number of database blocks/latches in recycle buffer pool
log_archive_start start archival process on SGA initialization
standby_archive_dest standby database archivelog destination text string
log_archive_local_first Establish EXPEDITE attribute default value
parallel_server if TRUE startup in parallel server mode
parallel_server_instances number of instances to use for sizing OPS SGA structures
fast_start_io_target Upper bound on recovery reads
serial_reuse reuse the frame segments
max_enabled_roles max number of roles a user can have enabled
remote_os_authent allow non-secure remote clients to use auto-logon accounts
sec_case_sensitive_logon case sensitive password enabled for logon
global_context_pool_size Global Application Context Pool Size in Bytes
cursor_space_for_time use more memory in order to get faster execution
plsql_v2_compatibility PL/SQL version 2.x compatibility flag
plsql_debug PL/SQL debug
background_dump_dest Detached process dump directory
user_dump_dest User process dump directory
commit_write transaction commit log write behaviour
sql_trace enable SQL trace
parallel_automatic_tuning enable intelligent defaults for parallel execution parameters
parallel_io_cap_enabled enable capping DOP by IO bandwidth

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