Oracle Database 10g Certifications to Expire in March 01, 2015

Oracle Database is one of the leading relational database management system and is used all over the world. It has various training’s, exams and certifications for its Database and other products.

However due to regular update in Database, they have to redesign their trainings, certification and exams to add new features and to remove old topics etc. Oracle has already introduced its latest version of database known as Oracle Database 12c with astonishing features and bug fixes.

So Oracle Database 10g got too old a version and hence they decided to re orchestrate their certifications of database according to the latest versions 11g & 12c.

So as you can guess from the title of this article, Oracle 10g Certifications are to expire next year on March 1st.

However this does not mean that any one with 10g certification will have no use for his/her certification. Oracle is not going to end its support but no new person will be able to get these database 10g certifications.

Anybody who is already following 10g database certification path needs to complete it before March 01, 2015 otherwise he/she will have to take newly designed paths of certifications.

Most of the latest certifications exams are already available now and missing ones will be added soon.

The easiest path to get certified for those who have taken some 10g exams but not completed it yet: they should first get the Oracle 10g Certification, after which they have to take just one more exam to upgrade to the Oracle 12c Certification.

Another important thing to be kept in mind is that if you fail to pass any exam you can retake it after 14 days but if you are currently following Oracle 10g exams path, you can retake only before March 01, 2015. So you will have to manage your preparations and examination schedule accordingly.

Oracle usually announces expiration of a certification 90 days before it expires. The details of certifications that are going to expire and their alternatives can be seen at

Every good DBA would agree that it is good to remain updated about latest certifications, trainings, and exams so as to learn technologies according to current market trends and industry requirements.

Oracle database certifications indeed have a great importance in a DBA’s career. Certifications are a huge edge to get better, well paid and key positions in various organizations.

Chances of promotions, pay raise, and career improvements increase after doing certifications. Latest certifications of Oracle database 12c have new topics about current market & client requirements.

Before certification, you can take training from Oracle to broaden you knowledge, explore important features and learn hands-on; this will help you not only in availing the required certification but also in your day to day office tasks.

So are you ready to become an Oracle Certified Professional?


  1.'Hasan says

    I have completed ORACLE 10g DBA course last month . I am not certified now . But I wish to sit for the OCA ( sql + Admin I ) with in next month . After completing the OCP , what should I do . Up-gradation exam of 11g within the march 1st 2015 or ?????

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