Oracle Database 12c Release 1 [] Patch Released

Oracle Patch 17694377

Oracle Database Patch 17694377 for Linux, Solaris SPARC and x86 has been released on Metalink and edelivery. This software is a complete set and does not require a previous install.

A number of key features in this release include the much talked about “Oracle Database In-Memory” database option. This feature will increase the DSS Performance by 100x and OLTP by 2x.

Other New Multitenant Features in this release
• FDA Support for CDBs
• PDB File Placement in OMF
• PDB Logging Clause
• PDB Metadata Clone
• PDB Remote Clone
• PDB Snapshot Cloning Additional Platform Support
• PDB State Management Across CDB Restart
• PDB Subset Cloning

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