Oracle MAA 12c – A Data Plan for Meeting Every Organization’s Needs

Data is one of the most valuable and crucial asset for any company, hence businesses spend huge amounts of money on their enterprise software to ensure its safety and availability.

RAC and clustering are some examples of the ways companies practice for high availability and performance of their enterprise and databases.

However there are still chances of data loss in many ways like disaster, loss of disk, accidental removal of database related files etc.This is where we can thank Oracle for providing Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA) which provides excellent data protection and availability with the low cost and complexity.

MAA take cares of all possible data-related problems by using components and technologies like RAC and others. Oracle MAA 12c defines following four HA reference architectures for ensuring data availability, credibility and protection which are described below:

When simple restore or restart from backup is ‘HA enough’, bronze is the most suitable option to use.

It results in basic level of HA and data protection by using single database instance with least cost and complexity. It takes care of auto start of database instance upon system failure or restart, online maintenance and automatic storage.

Bronze requires time to restore database in case of failure, so if the users can wait then they can go with Bronze; otherwise they should try Silver, Gold, and Platinum options which incorporate more features including the Bronze ones too.

It has additional clustering technology available by using Oracle RAC mostly.

Through Oracle RAC, Silver architecture eliminates downtime and delivers improved HA, scalability, reliable performance apart from providing HA during planned maintenance.

It provides additional level of HA than Bronze; however to cover more domain of server failure, the user will need Gold or Platinum based architecture.

Business critical application which cannot afford single point-of-failure should deploy Gold architecture, which has database aware replication feature built into it.

Gold uses components like Active Data Guard, Oracle Golden Gate, and Site Guard for better HA and data protection.

For applications which cannot afford any down time and data loss whatsoever should go for Platinum based architecture.

For example, an e-commerce system which should not halt after completing just half of the transaction would be an ideal candidate for Platinum plan. Platinum uses bests of Active Data Guard, GoldenGate and Global data services to achieve such kind of stupendous performance.

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