Oracle ZFS Network Attached Storage ZS4-4 System for Oracle Database 12c

Oracle has recently announced its latest generation of Network-attached Storage or NAS system namely the Oracle ZFS Storage ZS4-4.

With the new Oracle Database 12c in place, ZS4-4 is capable of providing some brand new exciting features, which in the words of Oracle VP, Mr. John Fowler expand Oracle’s leadership in NAS performance.

New Capabilities and Features

1. Pluggable Database & Multitenant Environment

Pluggable database allows multiple databases to run under one copy or instance of the Oracle database 12c, hence forming a Multitenant Environment.

2. Issue Identification

Exclusive co-engineering of Oracle ZFS4-4 with Oracle Database 12c ensures you can identify database related issues in 67% fewer steps.

3. Enterprise Manager

Users can have a comprehensive view of their application and database performance through the Oracle Enterprise Manager.

The manager displays complete analytics for the multitenant database environment with complete view of pluggable and container databases, hence providing a tremendous consolidated and managed view of your data stores.

4. Performance

Oracle ZFS4-4 offers double the speed to its predecessors with more than 30 GB/second throughput and 50% dynamic random access memory (DRAM) and CPU cores.

5. Data Encryption

Oracle ZFS4-4 provides greater encryption standards using AES 256-bit data encryption at the project-, share- and LUN-level.

With capabilities to combine encrypted and non-encrypted volumes in a system, the encryption key management gives you highest protection against breaches while maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements.

6. Wide Adoption

According to Oracle, a majority of fortune 100 companies have adopted the new NAS system. This includes 9 out of 10 top telecommunication companies,  5 of 5 semiconductor companies, and 4 out of 5 US banks.

Fowler states that Oracle ZS storage systems have been deployed over 14,000 times and are in use by 4000+ customers.

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