Advanced Sessions for Oracle Open World Conference 2015

Oracle Open World 2015

This year the Oracle Open World Conference will take place in San Francisco between October 25th and 29th. Register for the Conference here.

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Advanced Sessions at OpenWorld 2015

In-Memory Feature

Oracle Database In-Memory—What’s New and What’s Coming [CON8659] Maria Colgan, Master Product Manager, Oracle
Juan LoaizaSenior Vice President Systems Technology, Oracle

Meet the Product Experts of a Pure In-Memory Database [MTE9482]
Jenny Bloom, Product Manager, Oracle
Chris Jenkins, Senior Director, In-Memory Technology, Oracle
Sean Wang, PingAn Insurance

Oracle Database In-Memory Customer Panel [CON8657] Maria Colgan, Master Product Manager, Oracle

Meet the Product Experts of a Pure In-Memory Database [MTE9482] Jenny Bloom, Product Manager, Oracle
Chris Jenkins, Senior Director, In-Memory Technology, Oracle
Sean Wang, PingAn Insurance

Facebook’s Use of Oracle Database In-Memory from Inception to Rollout [CON1685] Sudheendra Vijayakumar, Facebook, Inc

Extreme OLTP Performance with Oracle Database In-Memory Technology [CON8758] Susan CheungVice President Product Management, Oracle
Tirthankar Lahiri, Vice President, Oracle

The DBA’s Guide to Deploying Oracle Database In-Memory Using Database In-Memory Advisor [CON2298]
Julian Dontcheff, Global Database Lead, Accenture Oy

Oracle Big Data, Oracle Database In-Memory, and Oracle Exadata—One Database Engine Rules All [CON3365]
Holger Friedrich, CTO, sumIT AG

Oracle Database In-Memory: Under the Hood [CON8652] Tirthankar LahiriVice President, Oracle
Andy Rivenes, Senior Principal Product Manager, Oracle

Best Practices for Getting Started with Oracle Database In-Memory [CON6775] Maria Colgan, Master Product Manager, Oracle

Challenges and Requirements for Large-Scale In-Memory Databases [CON8410] Susan CheungVice President Product Management, Oracle
Simon Law, Product Manager, Oracle

Oracle Database In-Memory: a Practical Solution [CON3087] Sreekanth Chintala, Enterprise Architect, Oracle
Dan Huls, AT&T Wi-Fi Services



What’s New in Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall [CON8668] Andrey Brozhko, Senior Principal Product Manager, Oracle


Oracle Database Vault—Fast-Track Your Application Certification [CON8624] Alan Williams, Senior Principal Product Manager, Oracle


End-to-End Oracle Security Performance Secrets and Best Practices Revealed [CON8349] Bradley Carlile, Sr. Director SAE, Oracle

Control Proliferation of Sensitive Data [CON8625] Dinesh RajasekharanSenior Product Manager, Oracle

Oracle Advanced Security with Oracle Key Vault [CON8562] Saikat Saha, Sr. Principal Product Manager, Oracle

Oracle Database Vault for Pluggable Databases [CON1922] Michelle Malcher, Wells Fargo

Oracle Advanced Security—Essential Database Encryption for Applications [CON8563] Todd Bottger, Director of Product Management, Oracle

Oracle Open World 2014

Oracle Open World 2014

Oracle Open World 2014

As database gurus and fanatics of the world, as well as hotels and cabbies of San Francisco know, one of the largest enterprise software events, Oracle OpenWorld 2014 was held in San Francisco from September 28th, 2014 to October 2nd, 2014.

The reason the later group know a tad bit about the event is because apart from the 7 million people who watched the event online, over 60,000 people attended the event on ground and with such a huge number people in a city, hotels and cabbies get too busy.

And if you have yet to be impressed by our numbers-obsession, consider this:  participants from over 145 countries, including almost 3500 speakers, held over 34,000 sessions while gulping down 150,000 cups of coffee and 100,000 cans of soda.

Sessions held by different executives, customers and partners included demos, presentations and hands-on trainings on different Oracle technologies and their (almost sure to be profound) impact on business, IT and innovation.

On September 28th, or as we like to call it, Day 1, there were plenty of useful sessions including a hands-on lab one of the most important feature of Oracle Database 12cOracle In-memory. Thanks to this innovative feature, a single database can now handle workloads efficiently while giving optimal performance for different transactions.

Another great thing about this feature is that since its column is embedded into existing database while being compatible with all existing features, it won’t require any changes at the application level.

Earlier Larry Ellison, former CEO and current CTO, had kicked off the first day of Oracle OpenWorld 2014 by giving a keynote speech, in which he discussed Oracle’s Vision for Cloud as well as Oracle’s Cloud products and services.

Customers, existing and prospective, would be relieved to know that not only does Oracle plans to preserve clients’ existing investments in hardware and software, but it also aims to make the transition to a Cloud model a seamless and easy going experience for the clients. All in all, Larry’s emphasis on Cloud was such that InformationWeek termed it as Larry Elison claiming Oracle’s Cloud Supremacy.

On the same very same day, William Lyons – the director of WebLogic Server Product Management at Oracle conducted an insightful session about Oracle Weblogic Server and its road map. He highlighted some of the key features of Oracle Weblogic 12c including HTTP server, management of coherence, apart from discussing Oracle Fusion Middleware, mobile application, database integration with GriLink, RAC, and Multi-tenant database.

On Day 2, Senior Vice President, Oracle Systems Technology, Juan Loaiza held a technical session on Oracle In-Memory in which he described the architecture of the newly introduced technology and its functionality. He also discussed In-Memory interaction with other key features like RAC, Partitions, and parallel execution etc.

Thomas Kurian, Executive Vice President of Product Development, Oracle announced some of key innovations in Oracle Fusion middleware technologies stack. He talked about major updates in fusion middleware stack such as content management, mobile, security, on-premises cloud. Thomas’ keynote also launched the middleware PaaS.

Some of the main innovations in Oracle Fusion middleware include Cloud, Oracle Mobile Platform, Business Process Management, and service integration with new integration adapters including Oracle Cloud, Identity Management for security of applications, content and collaboration using Oracle web center stack.

Talking about Oracle’s growing line of SaaS, PaaS and laas, Thomas said, “More people want to use Oracle software without having to run Oracle software”. 

Another session on Day 3 termed Oracle In-Memory as the game changer in Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence. Oracle Cloud and Oracle Database In-Memory features were actually two the hottest topics of OpenWorld 2014. How In-Memory feature will boost the performances of all Oracle applications including PeopleSoft and Oracle E-Business Suite was also talked about. Mark Hurd, Oracle’s co-CEO discussed the direction Oracle Mobile is taking and its framework enhancements through the Oracle Mobile Cloud Service.  He stressed upon the need for businesses to adopt cloud, social and mobile technologies.

Day 4 included further discussion on some of major In-Memory features and the way they work. The same day, Oracle also announced the launch of new Mobile applications for Oracle E-Business Suite. By using these mobile applications, users will be able to access different functionalities of Oracle E-Business Suite such as information about procurement, finances, products and inventory etc. In totality, 14 different mobile applications were launched.

Day 5 fell upon 2nd October, 2014 marking the end of Oracle OpenWorld 2014 , but not before announcing some great news about Oracle PeopleSoft User Interface and some of its features. Fluid Interface was the main key topic from PeopleSoft. Fluid Interface would be for casual and executive users initially but will be extended for others users too. The final day also included a technical session on Oracle In-Memory and how it can improve performance in financial services.

Now that the event has ended, hotels have more rooms available, cabbies have to look harder for passengers and those who attended the event physically or via internet, have some great memories to relish and some heavy bits of information to chew, ponder and act upon.

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