Principle Guides to 12c RAC Administration


Principle Guides to 12c RAC Administration

Oracle 12c RAC Installation on Linux 6

Oracle 12c RAC: Key New Features
A quick and concise article on the new 12c RAC features. Learn more about features such as Oracle ASM Flex, ASM Disk Scrubbing, Grid Home Server, Application Continuity and much more.

Oracle 12c RAC Installation on Oracle Linux 6 using VirtualBox

A step by step installation process for setting up the Grid Infrastructure Software with a RAC database running on a VirtualBox using Linux Operating System.

Setup an Oracle 12c Active Data Guard Database in a Multi tenant Environment
In the Multitenant world, the PDB Database is considered an independent database but the operational tasks performed at the CDB level effect all the PDB databases plugged into it. The task of setting up of a Data Guard, switching or failing over are all performed at the CDB level. When the Data Guard is initially setup, with the CDB database, all PDB’s are also replicated to the target. Read more here.

RAC 11g Articles

What is Oracle Restart?
An Introductory look at Oracle Restart and why it is useful. What can configured with Oracle Restart and its integration with Data Guard.

Oracle Grid 11gR2 – IPMI-based Failure Isolation
In Oracle Grid 11gr2 Infrastructure, Oracle has introduced a new mechanism to remove an unresponsive node from the RAC cluster. This mechanism is a Failure isolation process whereby the unresponsive

Oracle Grid: Oracle Local Registry Recovery
In 11gr2 Oracle Grid with the OCR and Voting disks being placed in ASM, these files are accessible only when the cluster processes have started up and ASM instance.

Oracle Grid Cluster Health Monitor (oclumon)
The Oracle Grid Cluster Health Monitor (CHM) stores operating system metrics in the CHM repository for all nodes in a RAC cluster. It stores information on CPU, memory, process, etc.

Rebootless node fencing in Oracle Clusterware 11g Release 2
Oracle Clusterware uses the industry standard STONITH (shoot the other node in the head) clustering algorithm to fence nodes when required. With Oracle Clusterware 11g Release 2 however enhancements

Restore OCR and Voting disk
In case of the loss of the ASM diskgroups storing the OCR and Voting disks, restoration will have to be done using the following steps. With the loss of these file the cluster will not start.

Relink Oracle Binaries
When should Oracle Grid or RDBMS binaries be relinked? Read more on Relinking Oracle Binaries …

Add a Node to a RAC cluster
Need to grow your RAC clusters. See step by step instructions how to add a node to the you Grid RAC Cluster.