Relocating OCR File and Voting Disk to new Diskgroup

Relocating OCR and Voting Disk

Are you moving you OCR and Voting disks from one storage to another? Read the step-by-step instructions on how to to move these files to a different diskgroup.

Step 1: Verify integrity of OCR File

First let’s check the integrity of the OCR files.

We can also determine the current location of the OCR files which in this case is +DATA.

Voting disk: $ORACLE_HOME/bin/crsctl query css votedisk
[email protected]:~$ sudo $GRID_HOME/bin/ocrcheck
Status of Oracle Cluster Registry is as follows :
Version : 3
Total space (kbytes) : 262120
Used space (kbytes) : 2341
Available space (kbytes) : 234521
ID : 2364758995
Device/File Name : +DATA
Device/File integrity check succeeded
Cluster registry integrity check succeeded

Step 2: Determine location of Voting Disks

Using “crsctl query disk” we can determine the location of the voting disk. Here they are place int he +DATA diskgroup.

[email protected]:~$ $GRID_HOME/bin/crsctl query css votedisk

## STATE File Universal Id File Name Disk group

-- ----- ----------------- --------- ---------
1.ONLINE 3b8156b6ff564ff4624bdc336bd9d (/vst/FG1_OCR00)[DATA]

2.ONLINE 8330ed8928fa4ff99068b6807f9c7 (/vst/FG1_OCR01)[DATA]

3.ONLINE 95dee6c6936f4ffed6f478765fa06 (/vst/FG1_OCR02)[DATA]

Step 3: Create new Diskgroup

Next we create the new diskgroup +REDO which will host the OCR and Voting disks. But first let’s ensure that the disks to be added are visible to ASM.

Set the ASM_DISKGRPOUP path to pick up these new disks.

alter system set asm_diskstring='/vst','/u01/ocfiles' scope=both sid='*';

The diskgroup can be created with either EXTERNAL, NORMAL or HIGH redundancy.

'/vst/FG1_REDO00' NAME FG1_REDO00,
'/vst/FG1_REDO01' NAME FG1_REDO01
'/vst/FG2_REDO00' NAME FG2_REDO00,
'/vst/FG2_REDO01' NAME FG2_REDO01
'/vst/FG2_REDO02' NAME FG2_REDO02,
'/vst/FG1-REDO03' NAME FG1_REDO03
ATTRIBUTE 'compatible.asm' = '11.2',
'compatible.rdbms' ='11.2';

Ensure that the new diskgrpoup is mounted on all nodes by querying the V$ASM_DISK view.

SELECT inst_id,SUBSTR(,1,16) AS diskgroup,
SUBSTR(,1,16) AS asmdisk, d.mount_status,
d.state, SUBSTR(d.failgroup,1,16) AS failgroup
WHERE dg.group_number = d.group_number
ORDER BY 1,5,2;

Step 4: Add OCR to +REDO

Add +REDO as the new destination for these OCR files and then remove the existing +DATA diskgroup.

sudo $GRID_HOME/bin/ocrconfig -add +REDO
sudo $GRID_HOME/bin/ocrconfig -delete +DATA

Step 5: Add OCR to +REDO

Move the voting disk to +REDO diskgroup.

sudo $GRID_HOME/bin/crsctl replace votedisk +REDO

[email protected]:/vst$ sudo $GRID_HOME/bin/crsctl replace votedisk +REDO
Successful addition of voting disk 7dgdhsgijfgy7gsuugeydcbo0qoeijll.
Successful addition of voting disk 4f789813cef6d5d6f965cbef6de2ef6d.

Successfully replaced voting disk group with +REDO.
CRS-4266: Voting file(s) successfully replaced

NOTE: Deleting voting files in diskgroup DATA
NOTE: Voting File refresh pending for group 1/0xba7085ed (DATA)
NOTE: Attempting voting file refresh on diskgroup DATA
NOTE: Refresh completed on diskgroup DATA. No voting file found.
NOTE: Attempting voting file refresh on diskgroup REDO
NOTE: Refresh completed on diskgroup REDO
Found 3 voting file(s).
NOTE: Voting file relocation is required in diskgroup REDO
NOTE: Attempting voting file relocation on diskgroup REDO
NOTE: Successful voting file relocation on diskgroup REDO

OCR file and voting disk moved successfully!


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