Oracle 12c Database: Managing Common and Local Users, Roles and Privileges

Managing users, roles and privileges is a very important aspect of the database administration. With Oracle 12c there is a second dimension to controlling this user access and privileges.

Oracle 12c Database Multiple Indexes On Same Set of Columns

Oracle database 12c has about 500+ new features when compared to 11gR2. Among these features there will be some which get the mainstream attention. But often little caveats or enhancements prove to be as vital as the big ones. One such enhancement is the ability to have multiple indexes on same column or same set of columns. Lets look at this feature and the possible uses cases.

Managing Oracle 12c CDB’s and PDB’s – Cloning PDB’s – Part 3

Cloning a database used to be a difficult, if not a hectic process. Before 12c the most efficient method to create the clone required using RMAN. However even this method has quite a number of steps inlvolved. In 12c too, the effort required to clone the CDB database is almost same as before but not for PDBs. Cloning PDB is as easy as executing three to four simple commands. Learn more about it here.