Oracle 12c Database: Create 12c CDB, PDB Databases Using OUI

When installing Oracle Software, you can create 12c CDB, PDB Databases using OUI, just like you used to do in the previous versions of the Oracle database.

Oracle 12c Database Heat Maps and Automatic Data Optimization

Today’s economy is driven by information. So an organization’s data is essentially the main source of all information taking the highest precedence. Not only is the data critical but is also growing at an exceptional pace. Managing this huge amount of data is thus becoming the biggest challenge for any organization. DBA’s continuously face this […]

Oracle 12c Database Extended Data Types

Regardless of the character set being used in your database, the maximum size for Varchar2, NVarchar2 remains at 4K and 2k for RAW datatype. If you try to create a column exceeding these limits then you will get the error message. This was a limitation but was also a contradiction to the data type limit […]

Oracle 12c Database Default Column Value Enhancement

I remember that a number of times, developers have approached me with the question – How do I auto increment a default value in a table column? These were mostly folks who had worked in the MS SQL, Mysql and other database environments where this features exists. Now, Oracle 12c Default Column Value feature has been incorporated and puts this to rest.