Adding Log Groups on Oracle DataGuard Database

When adding Redo logs to a database which has a DataGuard associated with it, the log files have to manually be added to the destination. Below are the steps on how to add them to both the source and the DataGuard databases. Adding Log Groups on Oracle DataGuard Database On the source first determine the […]

Oracle 11g Temporary Tablespace Management

A number of new features have been added in Oracle database 11g for temporary tablespace management. The first one allows the shrinking of the temporary tablespaces and the second one allows the assigning temporary tablespaces to the global temporary tables. In this article we will look at both of these new features. Shrinking Temporary Tablespaces […]

Table Related Enhancements in Oracle 11g

With every new release of the database, Oracle introduces hundreds of new features. These features help the DBA in maintaining the database. But sometimes there are a few improvements which are too small to be called a full fledged feature, yet they are so handy that every DBA must know them. In this article we will look […]

Oracle Datapump – Schema, Table and Data Remapping

As you know Datapump is the Oracle preferred tool for moving data and is soon will be the only option because traditional exp/imp utilities will be deprecated. In following sections we will look at how you can use schema, table and data remapping to get more out of this powerful utility. Data remapping allows you to manipulate […]