Adding Log Groups on Oracle DataGuard Database

When adding Redo logs to a database which has a DataGuard associated with it, the log files have to manually be added to the destination. Below are the steps on how to add them to both the source and the DataGuard databases. Adding Log Groups on Oracle DataGuard Database On the source first determine the […]

Love your Exadata! Use Exadata Database DBRM

You have bought Exadata after spending a fortune and more importantly after convincing everybody in the organization and in your family that this is the ultimate resource machine which hosts the world’s best database, Oracle 12c. You are not off the mark with those statements, though one might term them bit exaggerated. The point is […]

Using DBMS_STATS to view column usage information

[dropcap1]T[/dropcap1]he primary purpose of DBMS_STATS package in the Oracle database is to collect the statistics for the Optimizer. These statistics help the Optimizer to develop better execution plans for the incoming queries. Oracle database 11g has an automated task because this is something that is required to be run almost daily and is absolutely required […]

Automated Maintenance Tasks

One of the things that Oracle has been taking care of well are the repetitive database administration tasks making it easier for DBA. I can easily remember the days when the long path of Pfile was required to start the database. Pfile in itself is a lifesaver in certain situations but being able to use […]

Oracle 11g Invisible Indexes

While generating execution plans for queries, the optimizer decides at run time which indexes can be used to make query execute faster. The run time cost based optimizer is very efficient in its decisions. However, in the normal day to day operations there may be some situations where you would not like optimizer to use […]