RMAN Validate command in Oracle 11g

In the 10g database version we had the ability to validate the database and the backup sets using the Backup Validate command. This ┬ácommand was able to validate the database datafiles and check for any block corruptions while the use was to make sure that the specific backup sets were valid (no missing files). The […]

Oracle 11g Restore Point Enhancements

Restore points were first introduced in Oracle 10g as part of the flashback technology. Restore points allow you to recover your database to a specific point in time. Although you can do this with incomplete recovery but restore points allow you to set a marker point providing and an easy way to flashback to this […]

Oracle 11g Archival Backup Enhancement

The RMAN retention policy configuration parameter lets you set a maximum time for which backups should be retained. For example if you set it for two months then Oracle RMAN will automatically only delete backups older than two month. This is very helpful as frequent backups can fill up the space on your disks and […]

RMAN: Backup Specified files

Here are some help-full backup commands which could help back-files with specific backup criteria also known as Backup Specified files. Backup Archive logs Backup database and archive logs from x days ago. Backup to Roll Forward Standby Database using increment backup from SCN If the standby database apply gap has widened considerably and a large […]


Ensuring that the system has been backed up and is fully “recoverable”, is a very important aspect of the DBA’s responsibility.An RMAN command which is usually used to test the availability of the all these required backup files, is the RESTORE DATABASE VALIDATE command. This command looks at the backup set files in the destination […]