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  • ORA-29760 INSTANCE_NUMBER Parameter not specified RAC - Question: When converting a non-RAC instance to a RAC instance I get the “ORA-29760 instance_number parameter not specified RAC” error. SQL> startup; ORA-29760: instance_number parameter not specified USER (ospid: 29871): terminating the instance due to error 29760 Instance terminated by USER, pid = 29871 How do I fix the ORA-29760 Error? Answer: The oerr utility […]
  • Upgrading your Grid Infrastructure to 12c? Some things to watch out for! - Ready to upgrade your Grid Infrastructure and RAC database to 12c? Make sure to go through the following items so that your upgrade does not fail.
  • Oracle 12c RAC on Oracle VirtualBox - A quick guide of Oracle 12c RAC Installation on your laptop running on Windows. A step by step guide to configure Oracle 12c Grid and the database Software.
  • Oracle Grid: Oracle Local Registry Recovery - With the OCR and Voting disks being placed in ASM, these files are accessible only when the cluster processes have started up and ASM instance is up and running. However without the OCR file the clusterware processes cannot start up.
  • Oracle Grid Cluster Health Monitor (oclumon) - The Oracle Grid Cluster Health Monitor (CHM) stores operating system metrics in the CHM repository for all nodes in a RAC cluster. It stores information on CPU, memory, process, network and other OS data.