Upgrading your Grid Infrastructure to 12c? Some things to watch out for!

Ready to upgrade your Grid Infrastructure and RAC database to 12c? Make sure to go through the following items so that your upgrade does not fail.

Doc ID 1929754.1 – INS-43100 Insufficient Space Available In the ASM Diskgroup
Caused by new MGMTDB database created in the OCR diskgroup. This DB is used to store the Cluster Health Monitor repository.

Doc ID 1577072.1 -GI Upgrade from to or Fails with User(qosadmin) is deactivated. AUTH FAILURE.
Fix is to Activate the qosadmin user from GRID_HOME as grid user:

Doc ID 1921629.1 – The rootupgrade.sh fails because the oc4j resource fails to stop
oc4jadmin’s password being different on the node where OC4J is running and than the one stored in OCR wallet. Fix is to sync up the passwords in both places by following the document.

Doc ID 1557478.1 – Disable Transparent HugePages on SLES11, RHEL6, OL6 and UEK2 Kernels
Oracle recommends to disable Transparent HugePages as they are known to cause unexpected node reboots and performance problems with RAC. Standard Huges pages are recommended instead.

Doc ID 1621417.1 – Installation of Oracle 12cR1 database software on RHEL6 fails “INS-13001 Environment Does Not Meet Minimum Requirements” error.
In RHEL6 the redhat-release is replaced by redhat-release-server-6Server. Due to this OUI is not able to identify the OS version properly.

Doc ID 1567127.1 – RHEL6: 12c OUI INS-13001: CVU Fails: Reference data is not available for verifying prerequisites on this operating system distribution. The solution is to preinstall redhat-release-6Server-1.x86_64.rpm.

Additional Metalink Upgrade Docs:
1152016.1 – Database Upgrade Guide

Did you come across any other issues? Please share with us by commenting below.

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